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Welcome to the Carderock Springs PTA Website!

Our mission is to enhance our children's educations while working collaboratively with our faculty and staff. We are a non-profit organization run solely by parent volunteers; therefore, our success depends both on your financial and volunteer support!

We encourage ALL of our parents to do their homework by completing the following checklist:

1. Join the PTA: Please become a member! We rely on our annual membership drive to provide funds for the many programs and events which our students benefit from every day. To pay your $40 Annual Membership Dues, click here: www.pay4schoolstuff.com. To learn about our PTA-funded programs and events, click on the "Programs/Events" tab above.

2. Volunteer: Please volunteer as often as you can! We've made it easy for you to sign-up online for classroom volunteering, recess/lunch, media center, etc... Also, we need your help on our various committees and during special events. Teamwork is the name of the game! Click on the "Volunteer" tab above to learn more. YOU can make a difference!

3. Join our CarderockNet listserve: This listserve is the PTA's and the Administration's primary means of communication. Each week, you'll receive a PTA e-newsletter and a Principal's Newsletter. We only post a very limited number of informational messages each week - it is not a chat group. To sign up, please use the form below or send an email to:

Thank you for your past support and thank you for your future support!


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Carderock's Community Service on NBC4 News

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